Women aren’t little men. Approximately 80% of diet research is done on men & then applied to women but we don’t react the same way.

Tony & I have spent the last 10 years living together, eating together & training together. We tried fasting, eating paleo style, no nightshade veggies, low FODMAP, you name it, we’ve been there.

The thing is, our bodies are totally different, not just in the obvious bits and pieces ways but hormonally too. Applying the same strategy to both of us will not get the same results!

We knew we needed to investigate further and so The Female Way website was born.

The Female Way is a video based site, like Netflix but tailored to you.

We designed the site to promote growth in all aspects of life; understanding the gym, getting to grips with your kitchen, finding motivation, working on your relationship with food & de-stressing with yoga.


Cooking should be easy, fun, tasty & healthy. It doesn’t need to be one not the other. In The Female Way we have created videos to cover all those bases. You’ll find a mini cooking school, with time saving hacks. Recipes to create towering mounds of pancakes topped off with nice cream. Handy sauces filled with carefully balanced flavours & most importantly but they are secretly really flipping good for you.


The gym should never feel like a chore. In The Female Way we have devised a collection of follow along workouts. You can pick from HIIT, full body, glutes or upper body & abs. Tony leads these workouts and I am his guinea pig, so don’t worry I’ve done them all too. He uses his years of knowledge to coach is through technique & get us through the tough bits. There’s nothing like Tony in your ear to get you moving!

Not only this but we have Danielle D’Arcy Owner of Hot Yoga Belfast showing us how to use yoga to help us manage stress, reinvigorate us and even soothe PMS.


Knowing that women work differently to men is so important. The Female Way has a video series based on Understanding your Cycle, this helps provide clarity on why sometimes we may need a bit of self time (on the sofa with a bar of Green & Blacks & a jar of peanut butter). As well as this we have two psychology lead series helping us to build confidence & motivation and understand our relationship with food.

One of our favourite aspects of The Female Way is our private Facebook group. We’re on there every day; checking in, providing motivation and inspiration for workouts, mindfulness & recipes. It’s kinda like your best mate touching base daily to see how you’re getting on (if your best mate was 5 people with expertise in yoga, mindfulness, cooking & training.) We hope to see you on there.


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