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Recipe for Life

Every now and again you make something in the kitchen that you know will be a recipe for life. So simple, ingredients that are always in your cupboard and never fails to make you smile. This was one of those recipes for us. You can use cooked mashed sweet potato or banana and whichever nut […]

What a Psychologist Does to Destress

Annika McGivern is our Performance Psychologist and one of the most composed humans you’ll ever come across. Maybe that’s something to do with her Canadian nature or maybe it’s all the mental agility she performs. Either way you definitely want to check out her tactics for returning to serenity amidst the madness. Annika has given […]

20 Minutes Body Weight Workout

20 Min Body Weight Workout We really focus on the importance of moving every day. In any way; walking, yoga, training, hula hooping, whatever it is movement is medicine. We want to make it easy to slot a wee endorphin boosting training session into the day. So we’ve created, written & recorded 20 min workouts, […]

What is The Female Way?

Women aren’t little men. Approximately 80% of diet research is done on men & then applied to women but we don’t react the same way. Tony & I have spent the last 10 years living together, eating together & training together. We tried fasting, eating paleo style, no nightshade veggies, low FODMAP, you name it, […]

Navigating Non Flour Flours

If you’re new to alternative flours, it’s a bit of a hazardous landscape but hopefully once you read this, you’ll feel a little more confident whipping out the measuring cups. We’ll give you a breakdown on our faves, how to use them and how to make your own.

Never throw food away again!

Have you ever bought far too much of one ingredient or know you’ll find a soggy bag of spinach in the bottom of your fridge next week! Luckily there are heaps of solutions. These are just a few ways to rescue your fresh produce and a couple of our favourite recipes. Freeze Most items are […]